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C. Bernard
"After visiting numerous vocal instructors, the only one that truly helped me find and understand my voice was Jeff. Not only does he teach you how to sing, he also helps you understand how your voice and body parts work in conjuction with the voice. The exercises he gives are unique to each person and not something that you can find out of any regular singing book or internet site. Lessons are always given in a proper learning environment, and Jeff gives nothing but positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. After a year of lessons from Mr. Zagaria, I can honestly say my singing voice has developed immensely and I only see it continuing to improve."
Cecelia K.
"Dear Jeffrey, 
  We have been working together for nearly a year. When I came to you after receiving a botox injection for spasmodic disphonia and deciding that I would like voice lessons to see whether I could avoid future injections, I never expected to make the progress that has enabled me to address this issue. After working for a year on understanding how to “find” my vocal chords and control air, I am able to communicate in all circumstances with very minor periodic disruption in my voice. It is amazing! I am hopeful that with continued work, I might even actually be able to sing without sounding like a trombone! We have already discovered a range in my voice that never before existed. Thank you so much."
Max V.
"I've been seeing Mr. Zagaria for a while, and the guy knows his stuff. He's a pro…it's not like if you go to some dude who'll just screw around and then take your money. I mean, he'll make sure you know what you're talking about. He's way flexible too, whatever you're trying to do he can help you out with it, it's not like he'll shoehorn you into doing this or that or the other. I'd definitely recommend checking him out."
Cindy Rondino
"Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you for all your work in teaching my 11 year old son guitar over the last few years. I believe that you were instrumental in instilling a strong musical foundation in Kenny and he is excelling in band at his school because of your early training. Also, thank you for knowing how to encourage him to work harder while still allowing him some slack during busy time periods where he didn't practice as often as we would have liked. He always enjoyed his guitar lessons and you have helped him develop his love of music. You have been extremely professional throughout the years and also tried to accommodate any special interests or requests that we may have had. You are truly an asset to the music profession! 

Thank You!"
J. Bacharach
"I sought out vocal instruction because I was not feeling confident in my vocal abilities when I was drafted to sing in a church ensemble that also required regular solos. Jeffery immediately started helping me correct my technique and to understand how the singing voice should work. In just a few weeks I was feeling much more confident and at ease! Jeffery provides specific feedback in an encouraging and effective way that helps me see quick improvements. I look forward to each lesson because I know there will be progress, even after an hour. Jeffery is a very talented, caring instructor and person and I feel very fortunate to have found him!"
Ricky Ficarelli
Internationally touring/ Pro Drummer and backing vocalist for YouTube sensations: KING THE KID (Accumulating over 30 MILLION YouTube hits as of 10/13)
Andres Dalmastro
Multiple Grammy Nominated music and video producer/ Entrepreneur, worked with artists including Shakira, Pitbull, Calle 13, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Camila
Trevor Sugar
Audio engineer, music producer, and founder of Many Moods of Music INC
Lauren Krothe
Signed recording artist/ bachelor degree Music Performance Voice
Monica Omorodian Swaida, Singer, Songwriter, Professional Actress
Jeremy Gates
Owner of Sho 'Nuff Entertainment/ lead singer of South Florida based rock band
William Coakley
Owner and designer of Willaim Coakley Sound Design's, "The Perfect Piano Series" - used by Lenny Kravitz, Alabama, Walt Disney, many TV and Hollywood productions. Worked with Bob Moog in releasing the famed "Minimoog", Tom Oberhiem, Yamaha, Ensoniq, Emu Corp's designing of the "E1 Sampler", Kurtzweil Corp., and many others.
Dmitry Zaytsev
Famous Russian Composer, singer, arranger and producer. Dmitry has two degrees in one of the most prestigious Universities in Russia - The Gnesin's Academy as a bass player and pop music composer. Dmitry received a first place prize from "The New Generation Of Music Of The 21st Century" as a jazz composer. Two of his jazz themes are published in the Russian Real Book. Also, he performed bass with several Russian pop stars like Andrey Gubin, Vlad Stashevskiy and Duet Chai Vdvoem.
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