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The Zagaria Vocal Method (ZVM) draws from three primary subjects of study. The three pillars of the ZVM are "Science, Art, and Athletics". Therefore, ZVM focuses on a scientific, athletic, and artistic study of the human voice. ZVM draws from twenty first century science, athletic vocal training, along with an artistic approach for performance goals.
1. SCIENCE: "The Science Of Singing" 

In developing the Zagaria Vocal Method (ZVM), Zagaria draws from his Bachelor's in Science in study of the voice. The understanding of the natural and scientific muscle movements of the singer allows for optimum vocal control. The ZVM is a newly developed system that has helped many singers reach new levels of expertise. Zagaria's scientific study of Human Anatomy, Physics, and Acoustics are all part of the scientific backdrop for the ZVM.
2. ART: "The Art Of Performance"

Performance is an art form. Study of many different styles are encouraged in the ZVM. Zagaria's method is designed to improve a person in whatever genre they sing. Other time tested vocal method's are studied in conjunction with the ZVM to create a well rounded vocalist.  

Timing, meter, breathing, intake, and expiration, diaphragmatic control, attack, onset, volume, tone, dynamics, diction, expressiveness, articulation are some of the subjects studied in Singing as an original artist. Vocalists are encouraged and instructed how to find their own voice. 
3. ATHLETICS: Athletic Vocal Training 
"Singing is a sport" - Jeffrey Zagaria

Is your voice "tired" or "frog like" or "strained" after a little singing? Are you having difficulty finishing a performance strong or find your voice degrades after a half an hour studio recording session? ZVM address all and other related issues like these.

ZVM Incorporates new physical training models used to optimize flexibility, strength, coordination, dexterity, and endurance in the vocal related muscle groups.
Healthy and Happy!

Whether you're an aspiring professional musician, inspired amateur, or just a curious hobbyist, maintaining your health is paramount to your success- in music AND in life. Here at the Zagaria Vocal Academy we want the absolute BEST possible experience where you are fed mind, soul, and body. Read below for more about the Zagaria Vocal Method.
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