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Introduction to Gospel Music

Are you interested in singing Gospel Music? Many musicians worldwide throughout history have fallen in love with the passion, the instrumentation and dominant vocalizing and harmonies, and the feeling almost always associated with Gospel music. Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Celine Dion are modern examples of singers who use Gospel techniques. Famous artists such as Arethea Franklin, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley all cited Gospel as one of their major influences at some time in their careers. In the Rock n Roll community, the elements for which Gospel is most popular are intrinsically embedded in it's cultural history.
All Styles and Genres! 

Whether its Jazz, Rock, Classical, or Blues, we can teach you how to play any style and genre that you like! Our instructors here at the Zagaria Music Academy will show you the way with especial attention to performance technique, consistency in playing, and your ability to play like an accomplished, professional musician.
Welcome to the Gospel!

  • What is the Gospel?
  • The history of Gospel Music
  • Influences of Gospel Music on contemporary secular music 
  • Concepts of Praise and Worship 
  • Why Gospel Music?
  • Singing in the Spirit?
  • Playing your instrument Prophetically