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Why not learn to sing correctly the first time?
  • Want to improve your vocal performance?
  • Are you interested in improving your pitch, tone, and vocal stamina?
  • Do you want to ensure that you have a healthy voice now and for years to come?
“Often times in my vocal studio I am working with a client on our number one enemy, Uncontrolled Tension. Furthermore, it is common, even when working with a professional singer in my studio, to find a lot of tension issues. Within a matter of seconds, I will be able to detect the muscles that are tightening and inhibiting the voice of the client. I have centered my career on understanding the vocal related muscles and what they sound like when they are engaging. My desire is to teach you about these muscles and how they affect your overall performance.”

- Jeffrey Zagaria from his book “Know Your Voice
"You are never too old or too young, too experienced or inexperienced to learn." - Jeffrey Zagaria
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Dmitry Zaytsev

Famous Russian Composer, singer, arranger and producer. Dmitry has two degrees in one of the most prestigious Universities in Russia - The Gnesin's Academy as a bass player and pop music composer. Dmitry received a first place prize from "The New Generation Of Music Of The 21st Century" as a jazz composer. Two of his jazz themes are published in the Russian Real Book. Also, he performed bass with several Russian pop stars like Andrey Gubin, Vlad Stashevskiy and Duet Chai Vdvoem.
Andres Dalmastro

Multiple Grammy Nominated music and video entrepreneur and producer, worked with artists including Shakira, Pitbull, Calle 13, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Camila
ZVA is proud 
to accept
a "Best of 2014 
& 2015" award
*ZVA Summer MEGA SALE - 
Up to 70% Savings!
CALL NOW! Spaces Are Limited

ZVA Welcomes 
Eric Velez!
Percussionist for Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and others. 
Toca Signature Artist

Exclusive Teaching Agreement 
with our Studio

for percussion lessons 
with Eric!

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Private Lessons / Recording Studio / Masters Class 
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Jeffrey Zagaria - Master Voice Instructor, Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums, Music Theory, Music Engineering and Production, Music Management

Eric Velez - Master Percussion Instructor (Endorsed by Toca, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth)

ZVA Staff - All Zagaria Vocal Academy teachers are trained, certified, and offer exceptional levels of quality teaching, and are personally monitored by Jeffrey Zagaria

Registration Fee: $30 per student

Trial Lesson ½ Hour / Hour

  ZVA Staff: $30/$45 (Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $30/$50

  Jeffrey Zagaria: $50/$100(Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $100/$200

  Eric Velez: $50/$75(Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $100/$200

Per Lesson Program ½ Hour / Hour
  • ZVA Staff: $45/$75
  • Jeffrey Zagaria: $150/$250
  •  Eric Velez: $150/$250

Monthly Lesson Program 
* Best Value ½ Hour / Hour

    ZVA Staff: $30/$45 (Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $30/$50

    Jeffrey Zagaria: $50/$100(Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $100/$200

    Eric Velez: $50/$75(Summer Sale!)
            Regular Pricing: $100/$200

+ Students under 18 must be accompanied            by adult at all times                                                              
+ All Payments/Tuition is due up front 
   and is non-refundable